Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mix marriage

Back to races issue.. (coz im concern about it)

Emm.. if goverment encourage mix marriage did we will have a more balance in culture? I know it will be a hard coz muslim can only married muslim. Maybe goverment can figure it out.

Talking sensor

I got annoyed when someone talking in the meeting while someone are talking in front. In my monthly meeting we have all staff in the board room, got big boss, officer, assistance officer, technician, clerk and helper. Luckily we dun have to ask janitor to join us. What im aware of is when my boss or officer discussing of something there's bunch of ppl talking at the back. Even its is not too loud but still disturbing and dishonored the speakers.

What i have in mind is a talking sensor than detect a voice and lock on it by id. This system will display a % of voice heard after every meeting. Yea i know the important ppl will have huge % on the monitor but we also can get who is the most talkative ppl in the meeting.

i dun know what to do to them hence i dun have authorities to make a regulation but if this thing are installed in meeting room i bet ppl would not dare to talk about unnecessary thing in there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Director wannabe

U guys watch Malaysian Idol, 1 in the Million and Akademi Fantasia. U name, it's all about become a best singer and get acknowledge.

I have a dream to become a director. haha.. yea its true but there's no way i could go that way since i've got a good job that pay my expenses well. I just hoping some production will make a reality tv show about becoming a director. But how the contestant gonna show their talent.?

first selection : Maybe participant can tell their idea and the most interesting will be choosen.
2nd round : Maybe make a 10 or5 min drama with same actor (provided by production)
final round : 20 min drama.

so how was that?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Assignment Compilation

My degree force me to do tons of assignment and some of them are rarely find on the internet. I hope someone who have the resource and big storage server could make a assignment compilation web.

Listed by courses that available in all university. I know thats a hell lot of them. Maybe could make it like wiki with storage. Every uploded assignment must have

course name :
topic :
date :
from(uni or collage):

if this is working maybe can be as resourcefully as youtube. I hope.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tonsil removal. A new diet?

I need a feedback.. dunno if this really happen

I got problem with my tonsil, its call tonsillitis. I dont really care, its still in early stage. Im planning to get a minor operation by early next year. My fren said ppl who's take this operation will get a side effect, lost of appetite. In other words u'll lost weight.

Im at 80kg now and anything that can make me lost a few more pounds are welcome. I dont know if this thing really happen, yet if it's work i think its a best diet i've try.

Street soccer in community

Im living in the city with limited place to play football (im not pro just play for health). As we know to get a football field or a plain field in KL is almost impossible, unless developers reserved small place to make a playground or ur living near public school. But a plain ground not always be plain. Look at my place for instance, i've been living here for 15 years and this area have 2 playground and a field. Now only 1/2 from 1 playground left reserved for children. And u know what will happen if theres no more place to play, they will start hanging out in place we dont want to imagine.

Im not going to ask for more playground here. Just an idea how to minimize the course of development. I think by making a street soccer court in every neighborhood could the community healthy and this will only need a small area. Malaysian at all age play football alot (even our national team suck) and the cost is average.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wow as a country/product advertising

If u'r playing World of Warcraft (wow) u should know the best guild like Nihilium, Curse or Death n Taxes. They are leader of all PvE content in Wow and some of them got sponser. I know this is typical way to advertising but if ur the best guild ppl will acknowledge you and ur guild coz Wow have 10 mil player now. Its more than some country in the world.

For example. ATI corp wanna use Wow to advertise their product maybe they must get 25 best player with the correct class and name the guild "Powered By ATI" .

hehehe.. the problem is, to be the best is not an easy task. Speaking of myself, our guild only end up in SSC and TK and there's hundreds of guild already farming the last content within this patch (2.3). Maybe if u pay them to play this plan could work. errr let say RM2k per player plus RM60 for reload times 25 player.. fuh..

How to promote Ramadhan

Last week i listen a speech about Ramadhan. Its quit interesting, the rough idea was "It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. Prayer, sawm (fasting), charity, and self-accountability are especially stressed at this time; religious observances associated with Ramadhan are kept throughout the month." Wikipedia

When Ramadhan come all our deeds will be double (not really double, its mean alot la) and one of the nite called "Lailatul Qadar" will actually rewarded u with alot more of deeds. I dont really know the term in english. So if im making mistake here pls tell me.

Ok. so what we have in Malaysia is when Ramadhan start most of spiritual show and Islamic show will increase but most of the is islamic speech "ceramah". We need a new module to tell ppl that ramadhan is the bonus month to all muslims.

Im thinking of making an advertising about Ramadhan that almost similar to advertising a bonus month in shopping. I think ppl will understand better when we say about "Mega Sales".

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tipical love story

I want to know the ending!!! demm phone!

OK this is my last nite dream. I have a friend but i dont know his name bcoz its in a dream.. duh. We got tru alot togather in collage. Our collage is a short cut for one female collage nearby for them to go back home. One day, there's a girl walk pass by and we like "omg my first love"

ahahaah its hard to put my dream in here.. but at the end i end up betray my fren for that girl. did i relly gonna do that IRL? pls no.

fren > gf

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Malay, Chinese, Indian..

we all live prosperity in this land of Malaysia.. It is true? well for some group this all is at the surface level only. Its not deniable but did we really need to hate each others? Its better if we help each others to build a great nation.

we Malaysian have many of good directors but its kindly hard to watch a movie that have all race of actor in that. Malay movie is too obssed with love story n Initial D wannabe. I not saying that we dont have any good movie / show / commercial that contain goods message to all Malaysian that we need to work togather.

I love the latest Petronas commercial got several series of that commercial. The message is simple. Live together with harmony. There's one more animated series that teaches us a good lesson about living together "Upin and Ipin" plus that was a good show too.

ok cut the crap.. what im want to say here is make more (insert media here) that involve all the races.. dont just use the same person over and over again.. there's alot of chinese and indian that can act. I've watch some of malaysian chinese/indian show that are good, take them and make a real Malaysian movie.