Thursday, November 1, 2007

Street soccer in community

Im living in the city with limited place to play football (im not pro just play for health). As we know to get a football field or a plain field in KL is almost impossible, unless developers reserved small place to make a playground or ur living near public school. But a plain ground not always be plain. Look at my place for instance, i've been living here for 15 years and this area have 2 playground and a field. Now only 1/2 from 1 playground left reserved for children. And u know what will happen if theres no more place to play, they will start hanging out in place we dont want to imagine.

Im not going to ask for more playground here. Just an idea how to minimize the course of development. I think by making a street soccer court in every neighborhood could the community healthy and this will only need a small area. Malaysian at all age play football alot (even our national team suck) and the cost is average.

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