Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Director wannabe

U guys watch Malaysian Idol, 1 in the Million and Akademi Fantasia. U name, it's all about become a best singer and get acknowledge.

I have a dream to become a director. haha.. yea its true but there's no way i could go that way since i've got a good job that pay my expenses well. I just hoping some production will make a reality tv show about becoming a director. But how the contestant gonna show their talent.?

first selection : Maybe participant can tell their idea and the most interesting will be choosen.
2nd round : Maybe make a 10 or5 min drama with same actor (provided by production)
final round : 20 min drama.

so how was that?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Assignment Compilation

My degree force me to do tons of assignment and some of them are rarely find on the internet. I hope someone who have the resource and big storage server could make a assignment compilation web.

Listed by courses that available in all university. I know thats a hell lot of them. Maybe could make it like wiki with storage. Every uploded assignment must have

course name :
topic :
date :
from(uni or collage):

if this is working maybe can be as resourcefully as youtube. I hope.