Friday, September 21, 2007

Tipical love story

I want to know the ending!!! demm phone!

OK this is my last nite dream. I have a friend but i dont know his name bcoz its in a dream.. duh. We got tru alot togather in collage. Our collage is a short cut for one female collage nearby for them to go back home. One day, there's a girl walk pass by and we like "omg my first love"

ahahaah its hard to put my dream in here.. but at the end i end up betray my fren for that girl. did i relly gonna do that IRL? pls no.

fren > gf

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Malay, Chinese, Indian..

we all live prosperity in this land of Malaysia.. It is true? well for some group this all is at the surface level only. Its not deniable but did we really need to hate each others? Its better if we help each others to build a great nation.

we Malaysian have many of good directors but its kindly hard to watch a movie that have all race of actor in that. Malay movie is too obssed with love story n Initial D wannabe. I not saying that we dont have any good movie / show / commercial that contain goods message to all Malaysian that we need to work togather.

I love the latest Petronas commercial got several series of that commercial. The message is simple. Live together with harmony. There's one more animated series that teaches us a good lesson about living together "Upin and Ipin" plus that was a good show too.

ok cut the crap.. what im want to say here is make more (insert media here) that involve all the races.. dont just use the same person over and over again.. there's alot of chinese and indian that can act. I've watch some of malaysian chinese/indian show that are good, take them and make a real Malaysian movie.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Total makeover!

While smoking after my dinner today something come up my mind by looking at my big tummy. Maybe this can somehow generate money to hospital (since im working in a hospital). I know what is hospital objective but i think this is a great opportunity since nowdays appearance is everything.

Since every hospital have most of the specialty in health why not make it a reality show about changing someone life from big, fat, ugly, dirty, unhealthy guy to hansome and healthy guy. It might take several month to change someone but if this worked promote a workshop for makeover program.

I know there's a lot of makeover tv show, this almost the same just it is a total makeover. Combining surgery, life, attitude, food and so on. Make it like a reborn person. If makeover tvshow only changing person in show, hospital makeover can do it in a program.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Restaurant "Masakan Ibu"

One day my fren ask me to hang out at William's USJ but i had to pass coz my mum already cooked my fav dish. Gulai ayam, pajeri and sambal belacan. Then he said.. "Masakan ibu mmg terbaik". He's rite no one can resist "masakan ibu". (OMG i cant belive im typing this while im fasting.) Then i realize i and most of my fren living with parent coz we'r from KL but how about ppl that work's here but come from far places. They must miss their "masakan ibu".

So im thinking that would be nice if Restaurant "Masakan Ibu" are around in KL. The concept is easy, im thinking of making a restaurant that expert in malay dishes unmodified. Today lots of original malay dishes got modified to get a modern touch. Sometime the outcome is great but the sentimental is gone.

The restaurant only open for lunch and foods not chosen by the customer but decided by the main chef (eg mum), btw customer still can order for their drinks. The menu for that day will be announce at the previous day lunch. The environment must be coasy like having a lunch at home.

I know there's a lot of issue need to be consider like what we gonna do with the shop at morning or night and issue like not everyone can eat whats on menu on that day but creativity will outcome all of that and .... can u order food from ur mum? of coz not, u eat what she cook rite?

Visit Malaysia 2007

2007 = Visit Malaysia

I got this idea early this year but i could make it coz dun have a team. I already purposed it to my fren but they bz.

Im thinking of making a complete information website about tourism in Malaysia, from hotels, beaches, shopping malls and all others interesting place to go in Malaysia. This website also provide average prices and advices to tourist. Maybe we can provide information with map base eg tourist come from KLIA or Singapore.

How do we generate income? This website have 2 purpose
1. Help our country in tourism industry
2. Make money (depends on content)

We dont charge web visitors for the information we provide. We ask for donation instead. I get this concept from one of my torrent site. They got sue and need money to fight else they cant provide more torrent, so ppl start donate and reach the target. What i want to say here is, if the web content really helps tourist they will appreciate and donate. Even if u put "Pls donate USD 1 only" using Paypal really can ganerate lots of money if ur web is dependable for tourism in Malaysia. Plus, theres always internet adds to make side income.

worst come to worst, u still help ur beloved country :)


While riding my bike this morning i figure out i like to know what others ppl dreams.. hmm instead of asking them, its better for me to write my dreams and ppl will tell their's. So today ill change my blog name form my idea to "Ideas N Dreams".

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hi, i always want a note book to notes all my idea that come when im riding my bike, smoking, swimming and so on and also for my fascinating dreams but im lazy enough to write it down so i wasting like years of my ideas/dreams being forgotten day by day. So i'll try to write it here instead of dreaming for an angle to write it for me.