Thursday, September 20, 2007


Malay, Chinese, Indian..

we all live prosperity in this land of Malaysia.. It is true? well for some group this all is at the surface level only. Its not deniable but did we really need to hate each others? Its better if we help each others to build a great nation.

we Malaysian have many of good directors but its kindly hard to watch a movie that have all race of actor in that. Malay movie is too obssed with love story n Initial D wannabe. I not saying that we dont have any good movie / show / commercial that contain goods message to all Malaysian that we need to work togather.

I love the latest Petronas commercial got several series of that commercial. The message is simple. Live together with harmony. There's one more animated series that teaches us a good lesson about living together "Upin and Ipin" plus that was a good show too.

ok cut the crap.. what im want to say here is make more (insert media here) that involve all the races.. dont just use the same person over and over again.. there's alot of chinese and indian that can act. I've watch some of malaysian chinese/indian show that are good, take them and make a real Malaysian movie.

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