Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mix marriage

Back to races issue.. (coz im concern about it)

Emm.. if goverment encourage mix marriage did we will have a more balance in culture? I know it will be a hard coz muslim can only married muslim. Maybe goverment can figure it out.

Talking sensor

I got annoyed when someone talking in the meeting while someone are talking in front. In my monthly meeting we have all staff in the board room, got big boss, officer, assistance officer, technician, clerk and helper. Luckily we dun have to ask janitor to join us. What im aware of is when my boss or officer discussing of something there's bunch of ppl talking at the back. Even its is not too loud but still disturbing and dishonored the speakers.

What i have in mind is a talking sensor than detect a voice and lock on it by id. This system will display a % of voice heard after every meeting. Yea i know the important ppl will have huge % on the monitor but we also can get who is the most talkative ppl in the meeting.

i dun know what to do to them hence i dun have authorities to make a regulation but if this thing are installed in meeting room i bet ppl would not dare to talk about unnecessary thing in there.